The “Patristic Text Archive” provides everyone interested with a collection of Late Antique Christian texts (i.e. “Patristic” is conceived in a very broad sense). The archive starts off with Greek texts, but it is open to all languages, in which texts from Late Antique Christianity are transmitted. The archive is furthermore a place for translations of Patristic texts in all modern languages.

The archive starts off with only a few authors: First of all with Severian of Gabala1, i.e. with digitised versions of the older, mostly Patrologia Graeca editions (new critical editions of the texts are prepared in the project “Critical editions of the homilies of Severian of Gabala”), besides with the outcomes of the work done by Arbeitsstelle Athanasius Werke at FAU Erlangen-Nürnberg, i.e. Athanasius of Alexandria and the „Dokumente zur Geschichte des arianischen Streites“.

Exact bibliographic information on the edition used is to be found in the metadata section in the XML-files in the Github repository which are linked at the author pages as “XML-Source” (cf. for example the page of Dokumente zur Geschichte des arianischen Streites).

All texts are licensed by a Creative Commons Licence for use and re-use.2 All texts are encoded as XML files and according to the Guidelines for Electronic Text Encoding and Interchange (in version P5) of the Text Encoding Initiative (TEI) following a schema built upon the EpiDoc-Guidelines. To ensure further interoperability all files follow the CapiTainS Guidelines.

To provide users with easy access to the texts (besides the repository), all texts are also available in a simple reading interface (thanks to the project Capitains Nemo), which will be enhanced with more functionality as soon as possible. Links to the reader are given at the author pages as “Read Online” (cf. for example the page of Dokumente zur Geschichte des arianischen Streites).

As far as possible the texts are based on critical editions and are provided together with the textcritical information, but if that is not possible, older and/or non-critical editions are also provided.

The author pages (cf. for example the page of Severian of Gabala) show the quality of the editions provided for each text with the following badges:

  • Critical edition (with textcritical apparatus): Critical edition with app
  • Critical edition (without textcritical apparatus): Critical edition without app
  • Outdated critical edition: outdated critical edition
  • Pre-critical edition: pre-critical edition

The editions in the archive can be enriched with further annotations (besides the textcritical annotations), for example encoding of biblical quotes, of places (with links to the Pleiades Gazetteer, or of persons (with links to the Gemeinsame Normdatei [GND]). Again, the author pages (cf. for example the page of Athanasius of Alexandria) show, which annotations are available:

  • Biblical quotations encoded: Biblical quotations
  • Places encoded: Places encoded
  • Persons encoded: Persons encoded

Contributions to the archive are very welcome!

Berlin, 1 Jan 2019
Annette von Stockhausen

  1. A big thank you to Sever Voicu for sharing his digital versions of the homilies. [return]
  2. The relevant licence for each text is noted at the respective author page and in the XML-file. [return]